crepe mrytle

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crepe myrtle-60
crepe myrtle-56
crepe myrtle-54
crepe myrtle-53
crepe myrtle-59
crepe myrtle-61
crepe myrtle-28
crepe myrtle-62
crepe myrtle-35
crepe myrtle-38
crepe myrtle-20

I love all the crepe myrtle during summer time. It sort of makes up for not having all those giant rhododendron trees that are always so majestic and beautiful in all those fancy fashion magazines. I took my old 50mm lens out for a shoot today and forgot how soft and dreamy the quality of the focus can be. I normally don’t shoot self portraits, but my sister is slowly learning to compose beautifully on her own.

…and I’m slowly embracing the weird splash of freckles across my face as I get older

sweets for brunch

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Houston / weekends

Saturday Brunch with my two favorite girls. We stopped by to check out Common Bond and was glad to see that the food was as good as the hype, especially the bakery goods and coffee. Olivia is getting to that age where she is so much more curious about her surroundings, and with all the tall windows and clattering from the baristas’ counter, she just couldn’t help to stay in her chair for too long, often getting up to point at a reflection in the window or clamoring to sample out every bit of food on the table.

Common Bond brunch-3
Common Bond brunch-4
Common Bond brunch-2
Common Bond brunch-1
Common Bond brunch-7
Common Bond brunch-10
Common Bond brunch-8
Common Bond brunch-5
Common Bond brunch-23

a garden party for Baby

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1409.0_Olivia 1st Bday_Decor-15

     My sister wanted a garden theme to match her baby shower that I threw for her, so we went for it, getting much inspiration on Pinterest and from Oh Joy’s blog. Also, this meant that I was able to reuse some of the party decor, like those hand made tassels for balloons. The photo backdrop is made by using colored napkins, chicken wire, and a wooden frame that my sister’s husband was kind enough to build for us. Guests were given succulents planted in reclaimed baby jars. (We found that instead of buying a single succulent plant for each favor, we were able to keep things more budget friendly by purchasing a large pot of a succulent that contained four to five plants that we divided up into  individual pots). Succulents are so hardy that even a broken part can be nourished back into a thriving plant. I handmade all the paper flowers for the dessert table backdrop. The process was tedious, but I found myself in a very calm place while I was working on those flowers. A temporary craft room/office has been organized in the house, and I’ve been getting lots of things done in there, including most of these decorations for the party.

     I can’t believe Olivia is one already! As I was going through all her photos from this year, I really just can’t believe still how fast time has gone by! I’ve been a bit consumed, to say the least, by all the end of school year activities and planning this party at the start of my summer break, but now things are slowing down a bit. Hoping to get more posts in this month. My brother bought a few awesome film cameras that I’ve been kind of itching to test out.

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in the Classroom

a few favorite pieces made by my self and some students at school this Spring…I’m in a paper cutting kind of mood and also, I made a few ceramic pieces that I’d like to turn in a jewelry piece soon. Below, paper mobiles, a quick project to pass the time in class by a some students.