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the art of French macarons

I’ve always wanted to learn how to make French macarons and yesterday, I was finally able to sign up for a cooking class to learn how to make these delicate desserts.  Of course, you can always learn how to make anything through the internet these days, but I’ve always been a visual and hands on learner and taking this class was really fun and helpful. Our cooking team created  a cassis macaron with blueberry cream, while other teams made  coconut macarons with banana buttercream and  cinnamon macarons with coffee buttercream. . Now, I can’t wait to experiment on my own with different recipes. If anything, this will definitely be so much more economically wallet friendly for future parties considering how expensive macarons can be.


secret garden…

We took baby out yesterday to enjoy a nice brunch and spend some quality time at the Bayou Bend gardens, which I have been meaning to visit for some time now. The place was very tranquil and secluded and except for a few other visitors walking around, the gardens felt like a secret place that only we knew about. The pink magnolias were in full bloom and was such a beautiful sight to behold. We spent a good amount of time enjoying the beautiful camellias and walking through all the meandering pathways underneath the towering magnolia branches. The azalea bushes are supposed to be in full bloom in a week or so and I think another visit sounds like a good plan right now. It’s hard to find hidden gems like these in Houston and when the weather is so amazing like it is right now, it’s hard not to take advantage of being in the outdoors.



Happy Chinese New Year! The festivities are still going strong around here and it’s been occupying my weekends lately. That, and along with a slew of winter storms that have been both good and bad for my sleeping habits, have been encouraging me to be a bit more lazy than I should be at the beginning of a new year. I’ve been spending and enjoying more time with the family during the holidays, especially since baby Olivia has come into our lives. There are many things planned and coming up this year that I am really looking forward to.

The forsythia branches stayed in full bloom well past Chinese New Years. Sign of a great year to come perhaps?

Thanksgiving fireworks…

My favorite dragon dance during our traditional Chinese New years eve celebration…

I made over-sized New Years envelopes this year for the kids since it was my first time handing them out.


wrapping things up…

Happy Holidays!

My plate’s been full with work and family these past months. I’ve been doing my best to  to get into the habit of finishing projects that I have started. Even having the first year of teaching down, somehow, the second year seems to be twice as busy for me. I’m trying not to stay after school as often as I did last year, which means I have to learn to have a good balance of working habits for school and at home. I’ll have o take things one step at a time, even if it means completing the little things, like a painting that I started during a class demonstration.

“Jacques Cousteau” (a Van Gogh parody painting)