a weekend away…

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Life / weekends

Images from a weekend with friends and family. One of my oldest and closest friend got married and we all spent the weekend pampering ourselves, having good food and wine with old friends and enjoying a little girl time with hair and make up for her big day. I think I really needed that time off. I even had some time to to Galveston to walk down the beach at night and catch up with old friends that I haven’t hung out with for some time now. Looking forward for more time at the beach now, maybe a beach house rental in the near future?

good eats

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dining out / Life

My sister and friends surprised me at brunch this Sunday to celebrate the big 30. I’ve been wanting to try out Caracol for some time now and the brunch buffet did not disappoint. A few of my favorites from the menu were the marinated watermelon salad, lambchops, firewood roasted oysters, fresh tamarind juice, and the tres leches. It’s been a busy month so far with dinner parties with friends and family throughout, starting back at school again this last week, and did I mention recovering from a surgery? I’m very looking forward to the next couple of weeks with a trip to Miami planned and a few weddings to celebrate with dear friends. In the meantime, my goals this year so far are to stay organized and to eat more healthily. So I’m saying goodbye to more processed foods and sweets and learning to cook my meals for school each week. So far, the the avoiding sweets part is the difficult, (I blame all the birthday cakes) but I have been pretty good at meal prepping this last week. It’s been pretty simple with a protein based entree like steak or chicken along with a salad or vegetables. Hopefully, I’ll advance to more complex recipes later when I get the hang of things.

Super moon

Korean BBQ with the family

weekend in SoCo

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Parties / weekends

The house cat

mimosas for breakfast

This past weekend, I co-hosted a bachelorette weekend getaway in Austin with the bride’s sister and matron of honor.  We rented this amazing house in the SoCo district and spent the weekend lounging in the pool and taking our time to enjoy good food and company with each other. A couple of highlights included paddle boarding for the first time on the lake, experiencing 6th Street since my college days, brunch at Lucky Robot where the roasted brussel sprouts are very crunchy and yummy, and dining at Odd Duck, whose ceviche and fig trifle dishes were so savory and delicious.

We hand printed these gift bags for the guests and included a gift basket filled with our favorite beauty products, including these lip stains that are my new obsession of the moment, some Burt’s Bee’s essentials, and soap from Anthropologie. These floral arrangements were easy and fun to make using filler flowers and a few brightly colored roses. You can see more here.

I think I really needed this getaway to really relax and enjoy the last few moment s of summer. Two more weeks until the beginning of another school year and I know it’s going to go by very quickly.

just a few things

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My desk and work area is often cluttered with things, so I’ve been trying to simplify and de-clutter as much as I can over the summer, organizing just the essential tools and supplies that I need.  And these plants from my classroom have been poorly neglected since I’ve brought them home for the summer, and now, I’ve been trying to rejuvenate them back to life with a little TLC. These succulents are so sturdy that I have a good feeling they’ll be back in good shape in no time.


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We took advantage of free museum day at the MFAH to enjoy Jesús Rafael Soto’s floating installation. It was quite crowded with visitors and Olivia was scared at first, but when she felt more comfortable in the space, she was running through the curtains of plastic and thoroughly enjoying the experience on her own.