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film / lists

top five opening scenes from a movie…
1. fellini’s 8 1/2
2. amelie
3.my own private idaho/the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford
5.do the right thing
[honorary mentions:::: ace ventura when nature calls)

top five original beatles songs…
1. happiness is a warm gun
2. lucy in the sky with diamonds
3. julia
4. penny lane
5. here comes the sun

top five mariokart character combos…
1. bowser jr and diddy kong
2. koopa trooper and birdo
3. donkey kong and toad
4. yoshi and paratroopa
5. daisy and bowser jr

top five things that made me laugh recently…
1. “Charlie gets Crippled”… it’s always sunny in philadelphia
2. thinking about Curtis’ death scene in 24
3. Dennis, Mac, and Charlie’s terrorist video
4. quote. “It’s a good thing our last name wasn’t Drew because you’d be Nancy Drew and I’d be Andrew Drew.”
5. harmonizing

top five end scenes from a movie…
1. kirosawa’s ran
2. kill bill vol. I
3. reqiuem for a dream
4. the Godfather I
5. the adventures of milo and otis

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