feeling March-y

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art / lists

anxious anxious anxious

to get things off ground
for good things to happen
for more naps

things i heart this month:

joey kid blast gallo
maggie cheung
gangster movies
jerry bruckheimer 360 degree shots
discovering Architecture in Helsinki again
thinking you can harmonize with Mariah Carey
…but you cant
Vivienne Westwood plastic heart shoes

walton ford
Pigeons by Walton Ford

I discovered Walton Ford by watching Art: 21, (which if you have not seen it already, I highly reccomend you Netflix it right away). you can see the process that Ford goes through in making each meticulous watercolor or print. i’ve always been a fan of old Audubon watercolors, but Ford takes it to a whole other leverl with these large prints. I wish I could see one in person one day.


Staircase by Do-ho-Suh

Another amazing artist that I am in complete awe of. This guy. He sews these gorgeous reproductions of his childhood home from Korea using these ethereal fabrics. I have seen one of his pieces during the Red hot exhibition at the MFAH awhile back, but the Korean house remains on my must-see list.

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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