In the mood for Wong Kar wai

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I’ve been meaning to rent Chacon Son Cinema (To Each His Own Cinema), a collection of 33 short films by 33 different directors. This one is from one of my favorite directors, Wong Kar Wai. I was told when I was first learning to make videos, that the problem most photographers might encounter when transitioning into video was the ability to compose a movie frame the way they would normally compose a photograph. I don’t think Wong Kar Wai ever had this problem. Every frame in his movies are the most beautifully composed shots I’ve ever seen. Below is one of my favorite scenes from In the Mood for Love There is another scene in the sequel, 2046, where Gong Li and Tony Leung are walking and the way that War Kar Wai films the scenes is like watching two cranes gracefully dancing around each other. It’s amazing. The scene always gets me everytime. Found this quote from a review, I thought was pretty accurately funny. “Does anyone film people walking better than this director?”

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