…and this little piggy went to the bead store

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Had a wonderful day today! Tuan and I went to Harwin and discovered a lovely little bead shop owned by the sweetest little Chinese lady ever. It took me an hour or so to pick out some strands of beads for my necklace project. It’s one of those endearing habits of mine. 🙂 I can’t help it. I just love to browse slowly when I’m in a shop that I love, or a bookstore or even the vegetable aisle at the grocery store. Anyway, with the help of Tuan, I found great deals on some aquamarine stones that I will be using for my Anthropologie inspired necklace.(not the ranuncula necklace, but the parrot necklace) I have yet to go to the fabric store for my headbands and ranuncula necklace project.

…found this cute turquoise necklace and earring set at Ol’ Park’s place. I always find cheap deals here.

little piggies

…one of my favorite finds of the day. an agate strand of little piggies. This is going to be made into two matching necklaces for Tuan and I.

aquamarine strand

…some  lovely aquamarine stones.

bird coral

This piece of raw coral caught my eye immediately. It looks like a little bird! I had to let it rest on my new JCrew catalogue that arrived just as we got home. It had a long journey. chirp


…and a sneak peek at my next homemade projects


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