going neutral

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I’m debating on a new paint job for the room. It’s been almost two years since I last painted it chartreuse, but now with the pink desk I just purchased for my computer, it only seems that the yellow is clashing with the pinks. I know I want a gray because it could be warm and cold depending on the light. But picking out a neutral gray is probably harder than picking out another color. Maybe I’ll just tack the entire wall with paint samples and pins and call it a day.  It might actually look better.

Anyway. Feeling much better today as far as sinuses go. I can finally smell! Today I had to drive the Mother downtown for her jury duty summons. Luckily for her though, she won’t be participating because she can’t speak English (but mostly because black people scare her). That courthouse is the most depressing place ever. Everyone looks miserable in there. I know my summons is coming in the mail in the future and I’m probably not going to be able to claim exemption like my mother. Sucks ass hairs. Well, the good thing about driving your mom around town for errands is that she buys you all the rambutans and logans you can eat! Take that Vietnam!

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  1. weworemasks says

    i just painted my room a neutral gray. they called it “smoky charcoal,” but that’s way off. it’s not nearly as dark as that description lets on.


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