Things I Love this month: Oktober!

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film / food / lists

epic Blu-Ray movies
feeling Out of Africa-ish
The amazing Wire
but mostly crying over Wallace, “You my boys”

Martha Stewart Weddings
and magnolias
hand crafted glass from Spain

early morning rainstorms
and Saturdays off
cyanotypes and pinhole cameras

Tippie Hedren from The Birds
and 21 Balloons or crazy for Krakatoa!
Fall movies
and wearing scarfs in the wind

Russian lace
and 100% silk blouses

museum balls
and shopping for bridesmaid dresses

Happy Moon Festival! Juicy gauvas are in season and moon cakes galore. mmmmmm yummy. It’s official, the big sis is engaged. I’m excited to get the engagement party planning started with all the decorations. I think they’re shooting for a December date, which would be perfect. I love me a good winter party.

I’ve been a big homebody lately. I blame HBO for making awesome shows. But its good that I’m not spending money on impulsive buys at Buffalo Exchange like I always do. Damn that store and its amazing Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson finds. sigh. My brother and I have decided to buy one really good Blu-Ray movie for our collection every month. So far, we’ve got Braveheart, the two newer Batmans, Coraline (in 3D!) and I just bought Gladiator yesterday. soooo good. I love rewatching old movies. Sometimes, I still can’t believe I woud cry during an emotional scene even though I’ve seen the movie three times already. But I guess that’s just testament to how well a movie is made. (or how incredibly sappy I am)

I had forgotten how beautiful and good the ending is in A Very Long Engagement until watching it again today. And yes I cried.

Et Mathilde s’adosse bien droite sur sa chaise

Mathilde leans back against her chair

croise les mains sur ses genoux et regarde.
folds her hands in her lap and looks at him.

Dans la douceur de l’air,
In the sweetness of the air,

dans la lumiere du jardin…
in the light of the garden…

Mathilde le regarde.
Mathilde looks at him.

Elle le regarde.
She looks at him.

Elle le regarde.
She looks at him.

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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