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A busy Friday night for the art community. Lots of  exhibition openings, especially the official opening of the Fotofest Biennial. Awesome strawberry margaritas and tacos and contemporary American art. good stuff. Some of my favorite photographs below. Can’t wait to check out more exhibitions in the coming month.

A Natural Explosion! Afro Sheen(r) Blowout Creme Relaxer by Hank Willis Thomas

I just want to have this image blown up in the living room of my house one day. Truly. (Memories of giant, black, gouache circles from Fundamentals of Graphic Design all coming back to me.)

6415 by Todd Hido, one of my favorite photographers. His work is just so amazing, and I have to admit, this was the first time I ever saw his work in person. I was a little disappointed they weren’t as grand in size as I thought it would be, but beautiful in any case.

Grandfather Helping Grandmother Up the Hill to Pick Ginkgo Nuts from Foreigners in Paradise series by Jane Tam

I couldn’t help but think of my own work from seeing her pieces on the wall. A particular photograph of her grandmother’s red house slippers are reminiscent of my own mother’s blue slippers by the door. Maybe its an Asian photographer kind of thing. I can’t help but really love this one photo in particular, though. It brings to mind of autumn days when my Dad would drive my sister and I around town in search of purple wildflowers to pick and grow in our yard. I’d carry the cardboard box and watch him as he meticulously picked out the best looking ones.

from Breach series (Saddam’s Palace) by Richard Mosse. This one is just life size in person. It’s gorgeous.

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  1. I absolutely have fallen in love with the last two photos. ohhh and I love your blog theme.. the cursive is cute!!

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