Before Sunset

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Sometimes I think one of the most enjoyable things to do is to sit back and listen to others converse with one another, especially when its a bunch of funny guys with a little alcohol in their systems. Went to Boondocks before sunset for dollar drinks and listened and laughed as the boys animatedly discussed bands, hangovers, New Years stories, and black snow, among other things. Then we packed ourselves like a can of sardines at Mango’s for the Local Natives show. Houston has the worst venues for shows. It was so stifling and hot inside that we had to enjoy the show from the outside patio. The band ended the set with my favorite of their tracks, Sun Hands, which got the crowd drunk with clap clap claps. Ended the night  with pizza and being wedged between two boys harmonizing to N’sync’s Bye Bye Bye on the ride home.

the usual.

my favorite way to enjoy beer. with a little salt.

ah. i always forget about those doubles.

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