flowering pear trees

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These trees should be blooming soon. When I was younger, these white flowers would litter the entire bike path around the old apartment complex we used to live in. I remember picking these flowering branches in my little basket and bringing them home after a ride around the neighborhood. The seeds look like miniature asian pairs and I would always try to find a pair of seeds because it reminded me of cherries. And during those early college years, I remember walking down from the art building and seeing these white trees basking in the light of the street lamps around dusk. The first real owl I ever saw was staring down at me through one of these trees. The owl wasn’t much larger than a cantaloupe, but its big round eyes were scary.

[image via La Tartine Gourmande, who makes amazing dishes and serves them in cute little pink and red bowls. I’m totally jealous of her serverware collection)

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