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One of my favorite things about Christmas is being able to wrap all those lovely presents. I know, I am such a nerd. But I love and appreciate every  little detail that goes into some of my more personal gifts. This year, my friends and I are doing Secret Santa, but I’ve been picking up a few vintage pieces here and there for the last couple of months that I will be giving away as a token of appreciation for our friendship. Just little things that remind me of each one of them when I saw it. This vintage belt I found at the Guild Shop reminds me of someone who shall remain nameless in case she reads this blog. I love the art deco details in the belt.

Silly Maggie always finds her way into a box if I’m not paying attention. She managed to sneak into this box full of tissue paper next to me while I was busy wrapping all the presents for my younger cousins. She’s smiling!

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