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The holiday high is beginning to settle down on me. Time for the new year, which is already filling up with so many projects for me to do. Excitement and neurosis ensues. Thought I’d share these quirky little things I received for Christmas that are brightening up my day.

Introducing, Canadian and Japanese Hello Kittys, to add to the crew, and the beginning of my Penguin Classics book collection.

This year, my brother got everyone these miniature Van Gogh canvas prints, which I thought was really thoughtful.

Ok. So my mom has this thing about collecting animal figurines that correspond with her children’s Chinese zodiac signs. I, being born on the year of the Rat, received this from her. She is so cute. Only she would mistake an armadillo for a rat, but I love it. Hey, I’m from Texas, what do you expect?

Putting this sweet thing to use regularly. I love the scallop details and you know how I love those old lady handbags.

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    • psaugust says

      Thanks for the holiday cheer! We have great taste!

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