lazy, foggy Sunday

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Sundays are made to be lazy all day, especially when the weather is so dreary and foggy outside, but since I had Sunday off this week, the Phamily decided to try out a new dim sum restaurant that just opened near our house. The dim sum was decent and the selection is sparse, but at least it’s good to know there’s a dim sum restaurant around the corner if I ever get a craving.

Tuan and Kevin had a get together for all the groomsmen also later in the day which later turned into the boys watching football while the girls tried to get some more crafting done for the bridal shower. We loaded up on hot wings and pizza and edamame, which seems to be a big part of our staple diet so far this month. And one last minute trip to 99 Ranch meant loading up on some of those delicious Korean bakery buns filled with an assortment of meats, creams, coconut, custards, and BBQ pork. The baker gave us two boxes full for $3! Everything is made fresh everyday, so we couldn’t resist the temptation to say yes! These will be awesome for breakfast for the next week. Our family loves this stuff. (FYI: the bakery is buy one get one free after 6pm!)

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