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The last week has been a whirlwind of crafting and decorating and cooking and last minute details, but everything came together beautifully for my sister’s bridal shower this past Sunday. I threw her a garden tea party themed shower since she loves both so much . I started with a simple color palette of chartreuse, bright and pale pinks, pastel turquoise, and mustard, but I think it became an explosion of colors by the end, which is fine by me. I’m not much of a matching type person. There’s quite a few photos I want to share, so this post is going to be divided into several editions. Only a few more weeks until the big wedding day!

January is definitely an ideal month to load up on clearance Christmas decorations and Valentine goodies. These woody critters are so damn cute.

Pink paper crepe flowers and an orchid plant. A gift for my sister, who is desperately trying to get that green thumb working.

Hot tea, John Audubon and those white crepe paper roses I’ve been working on these last few weeks. It’s an ode to the Queen of Hearts. These little teapots are a sweet last minute find at the Guild Shop.

A sweet mantle for the almost newlyweds. Pom poms and flowers everywhere.

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