one fine day

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A thunderous storm woke me up around 4AM this morning and all I could think about was whether the rain would burn my skin from the recent nuclear explosion in Japan. Silly. Well, the weather cleared up beautifully by the time I came home from work so I immediately took the opportunity to finally take Mikey out for a ride through the neighborhood. I had my iPhone in hand for some spontaneous photo shoots and Maggie in the basket. Well, she decided to jump ship at the very last moment, but enjoyed her brief stay in the basket for a time.

zooming down the lane*


a flowering pear branch, stolen from a neighbor’s tree

wild white spring flowers and Dad’s azaleas in full bloom

*shooting a camera while riding with one hand on a bike not recommended for the faint of heart, nor for any poorly balanced riders.

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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