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My sister has moved out, so I’m taking full advantage of the mannequin she left behind since mine is all wrapped up with belts and scarves. I’m going to start substituting at high schools soon (and finally! I’m such a procrastinator) so outfits have been on my mind. Ive never been a fan of collared shirts, but I’m beginning to like the classic look lately, especially after I spruce it up with a few pieces. Jewelry is key and classic blazer is very crucial. How to mix school-appropriate clothing with my eclectic sense of style will be a challenge for the next months.

Excited for a jammed-packed month! Crawfish next week with the Phamily and maybe a camping trip in the near future? Just got my new Canon macro lens in the mail. It’s a cheap ol’ plastic thing, but I think I love it! Can’t wait to use it!

My favorite go to pair of Seychelles at the moment. (don’t be afraid of my paasty legs)

A clean, classic plaid with a gold necktie chain. That’s more like it.

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  1. weworemasks says

    i mean, i still like your blog. i like that you removed the cursive too.



    • psaugust says

      hahaa. yeah I know, I’ve been meaning to change the layout lately

  2. BJ says

    These two comments are confusing because (a) the cursive is still here and (b) R says to change the title and T says lol I know I’ve been meaning to change the layout. Whaaaa.

    • psaugust says

      you just got mind fucked!

      i dont know why Ro doesnt see the cursive either, I kept it.

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