crawfish season

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yum yum yum. It’s officially crawfish season down here in the South! I’ve been badgering my family to make some for the last few weeks, so my sister decided to make some for her birthday this past weekend. There is really no right way to make crawfish, I’ve had them so many ways, but the important thing to always keep in mind when making your crawfish people: heat.

Anyway, we had a couple of our friends over for my sister’s birthday to eat and have a few rounds of poker. I made crab cakes for the first time and some bacon wrapped water chestnuts.Good company, good food, and another excuse to try out my new Canon lens.

A sprinkle of cayenne to give my crab cakes a little punch of flavor and color.

Hungry boys gathered around the food…

These raspberries were especially sweet this time.

the birthday girl and Pei.




A Guide to Making Crawfish:

STEP 1: Preparation is key.

ingredients, check.

spices, check.

beer, check.

STEP 2: Add just the right amount of citrus. ( I love the they way my mom makes them. She throws in a few leaves of grapefruit and lemon leaves)

STEP 3: Boil those babies!

STEP 4: Dig in!






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