Revival Market

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There are so many hidden gems in Houston that I need to explore and try out so I’m making it my goal to do just that this year. A very late resolution, but better late than never, right? So I’ve been meaning to try out this spot for awhile now and a cancelled photo shoot today was a good opportunity to relax in the beautiful weather and stop by Revival Market down in the Heights. It’s a quaint little shop that specializes in charcuteries (meats), farm fresh produce, preserves and pickles. If you’re hungry, they offer a small, but very delicious, menu of sandwiches. There’s  a corner in the shop  reserved for lattes and coffee and the guy behind the counter will happily offer you a scoop of crushed ice to go with your drink. I love that the store offers traditional fare in a simple and inviting atmosphere.

For a quick lunch, I ordered the Market BLT with slabs of thick bacon and arugula and a hearty spread that reminded me of a good Japanese seaweed salad minus the fishy after taste. My sister ordered the Revival Dog, which is a monster of a sausage worth every bite. The food is hearty but doesn’t feel like you just ate a bucket of lard. I especially enjoyed the ginger lime slaw. This is a place I’ll definitely be stopping by again whenever I’m craving a delicious sandwich

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