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The Houston Cinema Arts Festival was back in town these past few days and I was able to catch a matinee screening of  this awesome performance by Miwa Matreyek. Myth & Infrastructure was so visually beautiful and magical, the way the scenes flowed organically and seamlessly into one another accompanied by a lush and ethereal soundtrack. I really loved everything about it. Watch snippets of it here.

Yesterday, I, along with a full house of people at the MFAH,  saw a screening of Ethan Hawke’s new film, The Woman in the Fifth. It was really beautifully filmed and Ethan Hawke never fails to impress me with his performance. I really loved the way the camera moved throughout the film, shifting focus in and out, revealing people, as if there was always a third person watching from behind the trees. And Hawke  is such an eloquent, intelligent, and  likeable guy in person. The Q & A session after the movie screening revealed an honest and passionate side of him that I hadn’t seen before in his interviews. You can listen in on the conversation here. ( It’s a little blurry but the audio is good.)


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