the persistence of light…

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The subject of these pictures is, in this sense, not tract homes or freeways but the source of all form, light. The Front Range is astonishing because it is overspread with light of such richness that banality is impossible. Even subdivision, which we hate for the obscenity of the speculator’s greed, are at certain times of day transformed to a dry, cold brilliance.

Towns, many now suggest, are intrusions of sacred landscapes, and who can deny it, looking at the squalor we have laid across America? But even as we see the harm of our work and determine to correct it, we also see that nothing can, in the last analysis, intrude. Nothing permanently diminishes the affirmation of the sun.

~Robert Adams

I always like to rewrite this quote for every new journal. It’s kind of a source of inspiration for me. Things are kinda busy round here, what with me trying to dapple in commercial photography and trying to balance a career that can satiate my own artistic needs. In between all this, I’m trying to figure out where I belong, or how my art is defined in the context of my life. I know that there is a standard of photo expertise that is expected in the field of commercial photography these days that I find difficult to get my hands around. With all the technological advances in the digital world, technicality and precision is often the wanted result. I find, however, that the most important, the most memorable photographs are the ones that captures the little nuances and details that are rarely caught or realized  during the experience. If my personal work can achieve this on some level, than I am satisfied.

…still trying to find my “photographic eye”

This temporary teaching gig has given me a sweet opportunity to get back into the dark room. I’ve been sneaking away the hours after school for some quality time in the darkroom to develop some of my own work. It’s damn good to use that camera again. The smell of darkroom chemicals still lingers slightly on my hands….I’ll be a bit busy in the next few weeks, but I’ll try my best not to neglect this dear blog of mine.

P.S. on a much lighter note. I’m going to the beach this weekend ya’ll!

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