transitioning into February…

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playing catch up in Instagrams…

…the much anticipated Hello Kitty iPhone case has finally arrived. I love it so much.

…my celebratory balloons floated away as I came home that evening. It was awesome to see it smiling down on me the next morning before it ascended into the atmosphere

…Mom’s vegetarian fare for New Years, rice noodles with salted roasted peanuts and a variety of fried, and soft tofu for excellent texture and taste.  She gets better every year!

…I’ve been so busy trying to transition into this new work schedule that I’ve neglected my poor Maggie and Joey, who have both been kicking the empty food bowl every time it runs out.cats are smart…and spoiled.

…always feeling a bit girly everyday

…rainy drives home. A hint of auburn foliage is a relief from all the dreary grays.

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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