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I think one of the best things about this last Austin trip was finally dining at Uchi. Between the three of us, we had a twelve course meal that we all agreed was probably one of the best dining experiences we’ve had.  The food was so delicious and fresh and the service was timely enough for us to enjoy and savor all the beautiful flavors of each dish. My top favorite, if I had to narrow it down, was definitely the pork belly dish and the peanut butter semifreddo. I’m so happy Uchi has opened another location in Houston. Definitely planning on another visit in the near future.


zero sen yellow­tail٠avocado٠shallot٠cilantro٠tobiko٠ yuzu

bacon steakie pork belly٠watermelon radish٠
citrus٠thai basil

machi cure smoked baby yellowtail٠ yucca crisp٠
asian pear٠marcona almond٠garlic brittle

jizake crème caramel brown butter sorbet٠ginger

peanut butter semifreddo٠ apple-miso sorbet

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