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I told myself when I started teaching that I’ll always try to keep up with my social life as much as I can, especially with all my time and energy being spent on so much of my work life these days with classes and with the new photography company. So Monday night was spent watching Fun. perform at Warehouse and quick reunion with familiar faces was definitely a good way to start off the week. The weather was so amazing after the thunderstorm on Tuesday that a couple of friends and I decided to make the best of it and chill outdoors at Torchy‘s with delicious tacos on Wednesday evening. A quick bite at Ruggles afterwards for our favorite white chocolate bread pudding and then we grabbed a few beers at the bar. I swear, this is the best bread pudding in town! It’s back to work this weekend, though. Another photo shoot scheduled and lots and lots of photo editing for me, and then hopefully, a relaxing getaway at the beach next weekend!

… a nice stroll through Artigiana …

… Blue Moon at Woodrow’s …

… another one for the collection …


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