Dad’s famous curry

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Happy Father’s day! Hope everyone had a wonderful time spending it with your family. My weekend was spent hanging out  with my family and stuffing our faces with so much delicious food at our aunt’s house to celebrate both Father’s day and also my Aunt’s big 70th birthday. Of course it wouldn’t be a Phamily party without my dad’s famous curry. The chicken curry has become somewhat of a great staple in our diets, especially during big celebrations, when Dad will just whip up a large pot of it up for everyone. Sometimes, it’s chicken, sometimes it’s lamb or goat, but it’s always spicy as hell. We’ve been asking for the recipe for years now, but he’s always experimenting with new ideas and adding a pinch of this here and there and has managed to keep us at bay by responding with a quaint, ” You’ll just have to come into the kitchen and watch me.”  Of course, I haven’t taken up the challenge to do so. I have a feeling that the curry just won’t be as special unless it’s made from dad.  But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that the secret is in the sauce, along with some good old fashioned organic produce harvested from the backyard. We managed to have fresh bay leaves, lemongrass, tomatoes and potatoes that have been growing plenty this season, and of course the baskets of assorted chili peppers. Wild range chickens are best and should be washed and chopped thoroughly. Add in some curry powder and some secret ingredients and watch as all the exuberant colors come together in a feast for the eyes.

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