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The last two days, I spent hanging out with my colleagues at a mini conference at the MFAH. This would be my second year attending and I always like to do these kind of workshops to get inspiration and get me going as August approaches along with another school year. This year, I attended both days and did four workshops making a book sculpture, coloring book collages, watercoloring in the style of James Turrell, and constructing slab containers with clay. Having a full year of teaching down has been so much more helpful as I will be able to take tidbits of advice and inspiration here and there from each workshop and apply it to my own lessons in the classroom. Also, it’s always great to see what the Glassell students have been working on. I’m really loving the large scale charcoal drawings, like the apple below, and the pen drawings of the vegetables are so beautiful. I never got around to having my students work as large last year, but seeing these awesome drawings are getting me inspired to definitely plan in a lesson this year! Counting down the days so far. Summer has gone by way too fast! Fifteen more days of summer…

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