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I made my first trip to Dallas after all these years living in Texas and found that I really enjoy the city. My sister was graduating with her Masters and it was a good excuse to finally see the city. The drive was a short one (especially since I was able to finally nap my way from an exhausting week full of work deadlines) and even though the trip was a short weekend, we  still managed to discover a few local spots along the way. We stayed in the Bishop Arts District, which is a quaint little neighborhood filled with old but charming homes and small shops and boutiques, superb cafes like Oddfellows, which has one of the most amazing brunches that even my brother in law and mom couldn’t complain. We also hung out in Deep Ellum where the downtown scene was vibrant with a more younger and hip crowd and the Japanese BBQ is very very g o o d. Overall, if I have more, I’d definitely like to venture back into Dallas to explore more of the city.


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