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Downtown Houston has always had a soft spot in my heart. Even when I used to live in the suburbs,  I would find myself making that long trek into the city. I remember, my friends and I would drive down Allen Parkway after filling our bellies with Amy’s ice cream or after a long night of dancing in dirty dance clubs, or sweating away in crowded rooms where our favorite bands would entertain us; we’d drive down that same road and make that curve and see the downtown skyline in front of us and it always made me feel so tiny in the world. We would joke around that we felt “infinite” and we’d have a good laugh, but I’d place my hand out the passenger window as we drove down that road fast and I’d let the cold wind through my fingers and I really felt content for that very moment.

Downtown has a new f e e l for me. I love that I’m only a short train ride into town now where I can venture into my favorite haunts and discover hidden secret bars. Most places are loud and full of people enjoying their own weekend adventures, but there are a few gems that I’ve come to appreciate more and more as I frequent down Main Street, and the experiences are new and different and exciting all at once. The night time inspires me and my head is full of ideas and plans. I’ve rediscovered my old art videos from college and have been getting itchy with getting the camera back into my hands to make some art videos. Sound and light and memories are all that haunts me at night now and I’m excited to see where this all leads to…

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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