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something for everyone

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One of my favorite things about Christmas is being able to wrap all those lovely presents. I know, I am such a nerd. But I love and appreciate every¬† little detail that goes into some of my more personal gifts. This year, my friends and I are doing Secret Santa, but I’ve been picking up a few vintage pieces here and there for the last couple of months that I will be giving away as […]

these old things

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Books / Vintage

Spent my Saturday running “errands,” but ended up shopping. [¬† I’m hiding my credit card tomorrow. ] I couldn’t resist this beautiful beaded purse from Retropolis to add to my collection of “old lady” handbags. Vintage Dior and Bally quilted purse were gifts. Also picked up some awesome goodies from Half Price. The Cabinet of Natural Wonders and two John James Audubon books all with watercolor illustrations and colored plates. There are some really creepy […]

refined wood

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jewelry / Vintage

My sis and I took yet another trip to the Guild Shop. Last time we left empty handed, but we felt pretty lucky this time around. I found some more beautiful Japanese porcelain bowls to add to my collection and a distressed leather belt. My favorite find is this old tackle box which I’m working on to restore as a jewelry display shelf. I love the little compartments for my rings and the tiny silver […]

snake skins

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fashion / Vintage

I’ve been looking for some snake accessories lately, and these vintage gold belts from the 80’s are what I need to add just the right amount of glitz and glamour into my wardrobe this fall. The last time I was at the Guild Shop, there was a large gold belt similar to that thin one below that I was vying for. Unfortunately someone beat me to it, so I was extra ecstatic when I found […]

the Guild Shop

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home sweet home / Vintage

I’ve been obsessed with the Guild Shop. Apparently, its a local gem in Houston, but I’ve only recently just discovered it. My sister and I have been finding all sorts of goodies here. The place is always packed, especially early in the morning on Saturdays, but there’s always so many things to rummage through and possibly take home. So far, we’ve collected a vintage Coca Cola pitcher, a glass cake stand, some amber jars, and […]

“Well, I’ve often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat ?”

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jewelry / Vintage

A gooood Saturday well spent through the vintage shops. Some neat finds, all under $20. You can’t tell but this Cheshire cat ring is almost the size of a belt buckle. I love love love it! It reminds me of my fat cat Maggie. And another owl ring for the collection. I like the art deco-ness of this design. (I don’t know why I opted for the Georgi O’Keefe theme for the photo. Guess I […]