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turtle mail, Hotaru style

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I love it when I come home to find packages that have finally arrived after weeks of anticipation. Every time I place an order, it always feels like a scene out of Gakuen Alice where Hotaru sends her turtle mail to Mikan and it takes a week to get there. And every time, its always the same sense of euphoria when I finally receive those packages. It’s like a Christmas quickie, and in a brief […]

The North American Wildlife Project

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Ta-Da! So inspired by Olympia Le-Tan’s Catcher in the Rye felt book cover, I tried making one for one of my most beloved books that had such a beat-up old cover. There were several images from the original book cover to choose from, but I went forĀ  a simple design since it was my first endeavor at sewing details. The pine cones are a really lovely touch, I think. They’re definietly my favorite part of […]