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          I’ve been hanging around my sister’s house lately, trying to get lots of one on one time with the new baby before summer ends and school starts. We celebrated Olivia’s big 1 month with a party for our family. The grandparents cooked up a storm of delicious food last Saturday for their new favorite kid. Similarly to American baby showers, a Vietnamese one month party celebrates the birth of a newborn into the family. […]

for Baby…

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          Last Saturday, I threw my very first baby shower for my sister. Oh yeah, did I mention that I am going to be an aunt? 🙂 This will be the very first baby in the Phamily so everyone is ready to spoil the kid rotten. (My mom has already filled a hamper full of baby clothes and socks).           For the baby shower, I decided to go with a pink and gold hot air […]

an evening with friends…

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in the backyard / Life / Parties

This has been an exciting year for the family. My sister is expecting for the first time and in two months, there will be a very spoiled and loved baby in the house. For her birthday, we decided to invite our close friends over for a crawfish boil and some delicious Korean barbecue ribs. Her husband had been working hard on building a deck in their backyard, so an outdoor party seemed to be ideal […]

auld lang syne…

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Parties / Phamily

My Thanksgiving week kicked off early last Saturday as my sister and I hosted our annual dinner party again. I will say that I did not plan the dinner party to the extent that I normally do, but for the first time, we actually finished prepping and cooking early enough to take a breather and chill on the couch before company arrived. And because this year has been such a busy time for everyone, it […]

explosions in the sky

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Happy 4th! I celebrated with a big family dinner party with lobster and steak (yum! )and then the little cousins convinced us to get some fireworks for the night. I think we might have been in a little bit of a competition with the neighbors down the street. These fireworks are so beautiful and cosmic in photos.

Tanggibbing, part 1

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Last Saturday, we had our friends over to celebrate Thanksgiving (or what Roshan likes to call Tanggibbing), one of our favorite holidays. This is my third year hosting the dinner party and I have to say I’m getting the hang of things now. I’m usually stressed out up to the day of the party, but I think I’ve managed to work out most of the kinks and figure out what I need to get done […]