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eat, pray, love…

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Life / Phamily

Happy Tet! Being a big fan of winter holidays myself, I often get into a slump after the New Year in January, but then February comes along and the festivities of Tet always gets me back into the spirit of things. Every year during this time, my mom cooks up a storm of vegan dishes and an explosion of yellow blooms from forsythia branches and chrysanthemums fill the house. On the eve of Tet, my […]

a Phamily affair…

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Cooking / Phamily

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are all spending these few days with your loved ones and eating delicious foods like giants. I know I am for sure. My family has been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the past two years, with all my uncles and aunts, and cousins coming over to our house. It’s usually myself and my brother and sister who cooks the American fare of turkey and side dishes and my parents making a few […]

auld lang syne…

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Parties / Phamily

My Thanksgiving week kicked off early last Saturday as my sister and I hosted our annual dinner party again. I will say that I did not plan the dinner party to the extent that I normally do, but for the first time, we actually finished prepping and cooking early enough to take a breather and chill on the couch before company arrived. And because this year has been such a busy time for everyone, it […]

a break, a pause, the calm before the storm…

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35MM / Life / Phamily

I am officially worn out. These past two weeks have been spent meeting, discussing, networking, and most importantly, prepping for the new school year starting next Monday. Throw in a photo shoot too and I think I’ve got both my hands full in this juggling act. After Monday, I think everything will fall into place…hopefully. I’m excited for the new year with lots of lesson plans running through my head. Today, I finally picked up […]


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lists / Phamily

Happy New Year! 2011 for me ended with a few days at sea with the family, so now that I’m back in the city, it’s time to think about the year ahead. My New Years resolutions so far are… Learn to play the guitar Take at least one photo a day. I’ve let myself fall into a slump this past year. Spend more time with the family. I need to take advantage of being in […]


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Some pics from our giant family cruise vacation to Cozumel. It’s good to spend quality time with the family, but I’m definitely more of a explore the city and culture kind-a-gal when it comes to vacations. tea time! Coffee flavored macarons, peach crumble and black tea. kawaii!! The beef fajitas were so moist and delicious! a fleet of oil barges…

a Phamily affair

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Meowy Christmas! It’s been a whirlwind of a week at work so I was really really happy to have the last two days off to spend with the family and sleep in late for the first time in a very long time. My dad and sister collaborated on the hot pot dinner, half Szechuan-style and  half  sweet chicken broth stewed with fish bones. Nothing beats a steamy hot bowl of noodles on a cold day. […]