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a perfect pear

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homemade / recollections

to all you lovebirds. …a view from our window I think Tet has become my second favorite holiday after Christmas. I decorated the house a week and a half early this year, because I was so excited for the new year. Dad thinks I’m the crazy flower/fruit lady. It might just be my weird thing, but I love grocery shopping. I love to spend time picking fruits and vegetables and taking my time browsing all […]

I’ll eat you up, I love you so…

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film / recollections

Caught the late showing of Where the Wild Things Are last night. I just love love love it. One of my top all time favorite moviesĀ  despite all the negative reviews out there. This is from my favorite moment in the film. It just made my heart swell. Perhaps it’s the constant sunset scenes that Spike Jonze uses throughout the movie, but there’s a warmth about the film that just makes me miss my childhood […]

Chomp. or whatever kind of noise a giraffe makes

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art / recollections

View from Sophie Calle’s studio. She says that the stuffed giraffe’s head reminds her of her late mother whose similar expression hovers over her as she works. Creepy and kind of awesome at the same time. An Abby Goodman creation. I saw these hybrid creatures at an exhibition at the Poissant gallery awhile back. They’re really delicate and beautiful in person. I know butterflies are often thought of as serene and pretty little things, but […]

birthday wishes and chocolate cake

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I think for the first time in a while, we actually celebrated my birthday on my actual birth date. Having a birthday in late August usually means the beginning of school and tight schedules, but there is something nice about a celebration on your actual birth date. It’s a more official feeling. We made reservations to meet at the Backstreet Cafe for one of those sit-down dinners that we haven’t had for awhile. The patio […]

Golden Horse, memories of a glowing dandelion

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I think there’s nothing more satisfying these days than being in good company. Last night, I got a chance to catch up with friends and we had a great dinner a Aka. Than we went to the warehouse to check out Oscar’s woodblock prints and slide show of the recent La Capacidad projects from San Salvador. It was so inspiring to see all his beautiful prints and it made me miss Cathy Hunt’s printmaking classes […]